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Providing excellent face-to-face and online courses all year round.

MC Academy (formerly known as MCSE – Manchester Central School of English) is an English Language Academy located in the centre of Manchester.

Since 2005, MC Academy has been welcoming students from all over the world to our warm and friendly school.

We provide our students with everything they need to improve their English language skills and boost their confidence. 

We are accredited by the British Council, which guarantees a high quality of teaching. We are also active members of EnglishUK.


For courses with set dates of study, please look at our Prices.

New Courses

Beginning in January 2021, we are proud to introduce new 4-week courses to our academic syllabus.

A new course will become available from January – March, focussing on a different skill and learning style.

For more information about these courses and how to apply, please get in contact.

🗝 Key Information

Duration: 5 hours per week (1 hour per day)

Course Length: 4 weeks 

Level: Intermediate +

Course Type: Online course

Price: £300 (FREE enrolment fee)


January – Functions

4th January – 29th January

Increase your understanding of practical English language and vocabulary. Our Functions course emphasises the role of spoken English in fast-paced environments, perfect for students who wish to practise their spoken English outside of a typical classroom environment.

Video Learning

February – Video Learning

1st February – 26th February

Our Video Learning course encourages students to improve their English language skills by using various forms of media. The course focuses on a variety of different projects each week, including studying newspaper articles, TV shows, movie clips, and presentations.


March – Storytelling

1st March – 26th March

Our Storytelling course emphasises the importance of writing styles. Students will analyse narrative structures and engaging writing techniques from a number of well-known texts and poems.


As an English language Academy, MC Academy provides a full range of English language courses at every level – from General English to Exam Preparation, as well as specialist courses tailored to students’ needs. Achieve your goals at every level!

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English Language Academy

What do students think of MC Academy?

Here at MC Academy, we greatly value our students’ opinions in regards to their classes, their teachers, and the facilities available to them at our school.

If you would like to read testimonials provided by our students, then please visit our Testimonials page.


2nd & 3rd Floor, Royal Buildings 2 Mosley Street

Manchester M2 3AN, United Kingdom

Manchester Central School of English





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