6 Things to do at Home - Keep your mind Energised and Active

Whilst studying English at MC Academy, it is important to keep your mind energised and active whilst staying at home. Here are 6 useful activities which will keep your mind working and prepared for your lessons.

keep your mind energised and active

1. Write down your thoughts

Writing down your daily thoughts will help improve your memory and keep track of your daily activities. Not only this, but your entries will also provide you with fond memories to look back on if ever you choose to read them again. Consider making a journal or a scrapbook to record your days and weeks!

keep your mind energised and active

2. Draw what you see

Drawing is a perfect way to keep your mind active in a therapeutic and relaxing way. Simply grab a piece of paper and a pencil or pen, and you are all set! Drawing helps you visualise things in a different way to how you would under normal circumstances. Focus on every detail, and allow yourself to become fully immersed in what you are drawing.

keep your mind energised and active

3. Listen to audiobooks

Reading is a vital part of learning any new language, whether you choose to read a piece of fiction or a newspaper. Reading also helps improve creativity and is known to enhance a person’s imagination. Finding the time to sit down and read a book may be difficult in day-to-day life but listening to an audiobook will allow you to absorb the same information in an auditory way whilst completing other tasks. You can find a number of great audiobooks on Audible.

keep your mind energised and active

4. Go for a walk or a run

Exercising is important as it maintains healthy physical health and fitness, but it can also improve your mental well-being too! Going for a walk or a jog in a quiet area can allow you to escape the day-to-day activities at home and provide you with new surroundings to look at. Absorb the world around you and appreciate all that you see.

keep your mind energised and active

5. Learn a new skill

Make the most of being at home and learn a new skill. It is often difficult to find the time to learn a new skill whilst completing day-to-day tasks and activities, but learning a new skill has many benefits! Learning a new skill forces us to practice something new, therefore creating new pathways in our brain and allowing us to think in a different way.

keep your mind energised and active

6. Meditate

Meditating may not be for everyone but the simple concept of gathering your thoughts and allowing yourself to relax can help reduce anxiety and stress. Finding the time to meditate can be hard but allowing yourself just five minutes a day to consolidate your thoughts can help improve your thought processing and allow you to consider things from a different point of view. The App Headspace is very useful if you wish to practice some meditation techniques.

Thank you for taking the time to read our 6 recommendations. Do you practice any of the activities mentioned above? If so, do you find that they help you with your day-to-day activities? We are interested to know what you think, let us know by clicking the button down below!

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