Diary of a CELTA Trainee - MC Academy

Day 2 on the CELTA course/ My First teaching practice:

7.30AM – Alarm goes off, wake up, get dressed, have breakfast

8.15AM – Leave the house and scurry down the road to the bus stop

8.50AM – Arrive in Piccadilly Gardens and head to MCSE

8.55AM – Collect my lanyard from reception and take a seat in the classroom ready for the first input session of the day

9.00AM – Lesson prep- the trainees are all frantically asking the trainers questions before our first teaching practices today!

10.00AM – Input session 1 about grammar lessons. The dreaded grammar lessons and how to teach them. I thank my lucky stars that I’ll be teaching a reading lesson this afternoon.

11.15AM – BREAK

11.30AM – Input session 2 is about the methodology

12.45PM– Panic mode kicks in, eat some lunch, and try to calm my nerves

1.25PM – Go down to reception to collect my class, take the register and take the first 15 students up to the classroom

1.30PM – Panic mode really kicking in now! Starting to stress out about messing up my first teaching practice!!

2.15PM – Teaching practice 1 is over, wahoo! J Not sure how I didn’t fall over or vomit (all the students DEFINITELY noticed my face turning bright red though)

2.20PM – After composing myself, I start to observe and take notes on my CELTA peer’s lesson

3.00PM – The final CELTA Trainee in my group stands up and takes control of the class for her first lesson. Safe to say we’re all just as nervous as each other right now!

3.45PM – We all stand up at the front together and thank the class who all clap us for our efforts! I’m still a nervous wreck, but seeing the satisfaction on the students’ faces gets me excited for my next teaching practice.

3.50PM – As the students leave the class our Teacher Trainer tells us all to take a well-deserved five minute break

3.55PM – The dreaded FEEDBACK. Praying I didn’t totally mess up my lesson!

4.00PM – We all compliment and criticise each other’s lessons. The Teacher Trainer then takes these points and expands on them, adding his own views and critique throughout. I really enjoy the positive criticism and take down notes so that I can improve my lesson next time

5.00PM – Pheeeewwww it’s HOMETIME!

5.05PM – I get on the bus and head home for dinner

7.00PM – Realise that I should probably open my CELTA folder at some point tonight

7.15PM – Convince myself that I’ve put off my work long enough and start to plan for Assignment 1 and my next teaching practice (on day 4 of my CELTA course)

10.00PM – Ahhhh, time has flown by tonight! Time to wind down and get some rest before another busy day at school tomorrow!

11.00PM – BED TIME

Are you ready to start your love hate relationship with the CELTA?! Ready for the challenge? Please visit our CELTA page for further information and details on how to apply https://themcacademy.co.uk/celta-faq/.

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Speak to you soon 😉


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