Why Should Students Study IELTS At MC Academy?

An interview with Charlie, one of our IELTS EFL teachers

Why should students study IELTS at MC Academy?

Study IELTS at MC Academy

Face-to-face classes are beginning to flourish once again at MC Academy. This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with one of our EFL teachers regarding our face-to-face IELTS class.

Here is what Charlie had to say about the topics currently being taught, how studying IELTS benefited the students in the class, and what you can expect from a face-to-face class at MC Academy.

– Charlie Davies, EFL Teacher

What is currently being taught in the face-to-face IELTS class?

“In my class, we are looking at exam techniques for students wishing to achieve a score of 6/6.5, maybe 7 in their IELTS exam. They are mainly thinking about exam techniques, including the different techniques for the different parts of the exam. The course gives students an overview of what each section of the exam requires for the level that they are aiming for. It gives them an idea about planning and how to build an essay and how to approach each section.

Basically, the main focus is developing the strategies to enable them [the students] to get the level that they need. It is about developing academic strategies that will be useful, not only to pass the exam but also for their further academic studies.”

What do students ask for when studying the IELTS class at MC Academy?

“A lot of students have a problem with the timing of the reading section of the exam. So, a big focus for this level [Band 5-5.5] is how they can get as much information from the text in a relatively short period of time. Students learn skills on how to identify what parts of the reading texts are significant and what parts are less important. In a way, that is why we focus on those types of skills for the exam because for number one, it makes the exam much easier and for number two, it is what you definitely need to do when you get into university.”

What are the advantages of studying a face-to-face class at MC Academy?

“There are a lot of things! The main advantage is that you are interacting with your teacher. From a teacher’s point of view, if I am in a class and I am having a conversation rather than delivering a lecture. During that time I can see all of the students and I can see if they fully understand the ideas. For students who are struggling but are a bit embarrassed to say, I can see if the student is having difficulty, address the issue immediately, and so to everybody, the explanation becomes a little clearer.”

As a teacher of the face-to-face IELTS class, how do you think the students themselves have reacted to the reintroduction of the face-to-face class?

“I think it is better! By coming into school, the students are forced to come to an English-thinking environment. Students have got to start thinking in the target language and avoid translating from their native language. Being in school really helps to encourage this.”

The face-to-face classroom environment is continuing to grow at MC Academy and we look forward to seeing more students in the future.

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