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“I think the online class is good. It is quite similar to when I studied in class. In class, we can do the same activities as in school like the speaking, listening and reading parts and it also saves me time and money. I don’t need to wake up early because of waiting for a bus and I do not need to buy bus tickets too.”

Taraporn Wirodwanich, Thailand, IELTS Exam Preparation (Online Class),

May 2020

“The class is very organised and the teacher’s methods are awesome. The online platform is very smooth.”

Najlaa Alotaibi, Saudi Arabia, IELTS Exam Preparation (Online Class),

April 2020

“My teacher is a professional and a wonderful teacher, she is a very helpful person, especially if I have any questions about the lesson!”

Salma Qannas, Saudi Arabia, General English (Online Class),

April 2020

“Cinthia is brilliant teacher, she is always optimistic and she tries to motivate us to do our best! It’s a good experience for all of us.”

Ashwag Alsedran, Saudi Arabia, Cambridge Skills Class (Online Class),

March 2020

“Everything is delivered efficiently to us in the same way as in the class. Thank you for your effort to make us keep up-to-date with our lessons via the online platform. I want to thank teacher Cinthia because she made me love her class. She is teaching the lesson in the best way for me.”

Mayada Shathli, Saudi Arabia, Cambridge Skills Class (Online Class),

March 2020

“I have been studying for about 5 months at MC Academy english school in Manchester. It’s absolutely great place to study and enjoy English. The teachers are professional and patient, the lessons are high standard, furthermore, they always organise a lot of interesting activities after class for helping students to make friends and know British culture . I benefited greatly from this school and highly recommend it for everyone who would like to improve their English skills.

Ume Tsubota, China, IELTS Exam Preparation,

March 2020

“My time was wonderful at MC Academy, it has amazing people and they are friendly. Also, it has great teachers, they give the motivation to students and try to improve their skills.

Also, the social activities at MC Academy are fun and useful for the students who want to practice their English.”

Ameerah Habeeb, Saudi Arabia, IELTS Exam Preparation,

March 2020

“MC Academy provides numerous applicable methods for developing the best understanding and progress in the English language, as well as for successful exam grades. Yet, throughout top teachers, extracurricular activities, and helpful staff, you still have the determination and commitment in your hands.”

Yolima Amparo Alzate Díaz, Colombia, IELTS Exam Preparation,

March 2020

I’ve been studying in MC Academy for three months to take the IELTS exam. The school has provided me a plenty of OPPORTUNITIES to improve my English level, meet new friends and know new cultures. The school staff behaves like a family and all the teachers are very professional and experienced…
It’s absolutely worth studying in MC Academy to achieve your goals together with a beautiful experience in the UK! Highly recommended”

Filippo Rizzinelli, Italy, IELTS Exam Preparation

February 2020

“I like study at the school, because I know so many different international classmates at this school. The teachers teach us very seriously, also they are intelligent, they can help us for our problems.

If I hadn’t studied at this school, I wouldn’t have known how to use English grammar in my English work.”



“I like MC Academy (formerly MCSE) because there are qualified teacher and because I have meet new friends.”



“I’ve been here in Manchester for three weeks now. I am enjoying my time. The teachers are really good. Of course their English is good but they’re also very understanding and willing to help.”

Stefan Van Der Meer



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