Testimonials - MC Academy

“I like study at the school, because I know so many different international classmates at this school. The teachers teach us very seriously, also they are intelligent, they can help us for our problems.

If I hadn’t studied at this school, I wouldn’t have known how to use English grammar in my English work.”


“I like MC Academy (formerly MCSE) because there are qualified teacher and because I have meet new friends.”


“I’ve been here in Manchester for three weeks now. I am enjoying my time. The teachers are really good. Of course their English is good but they’re also very understanding and willing to help.”

Stefan Van Der Meer

“It was an enjoyable experience for us. In this school wefound amazing and attentive colleagues who made us feel at ease. We thought we would find strict and reserved people and then we realised they are friendly, lovely and easy going”

Giulia, Amalia, Silvana and Nello (Teacher leaders) from Italy

“Studying here in Manchester, it was a great experience especially with Isabella, because we went visiting a lot of cities and entertainment. MC Academy (formerly MCSE) is the best school, especially the teachers and our Italian guide. We will come back one day to visit this school. We will miss you!”

Ivan Macri and Russo Alessandro from Italy


The most central English language school in Manchester.

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