Accommodation - Residence - MC Academy

Uninist (Option 1) 

MC Academy is thrilled to announce our partnership with Uninist, a leading provider of high-quality accommodation for our students. We understand the importance of comfortable and convenient living arrangements for our students, and that is why we have chosen to collaborate with Uninist. With locations in both Liverpool and Manchester, Uninist offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit the diverse needs and preferences of our students.

To learn more about the exceptional accommodation options provided by Uninist, we invite you to explore the comprehensive Uninist brochure below. It showcases the various facilities, amenities, and features offered by Uninist, ensuring that our students have access to a comfortable and enjoyable living experience during their time at MC Academy.

If you have any further inquiries or would like to discuss your accommodation requirements, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members. They are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect accommodation solution that meets your needs and preferences.

At MC Academy, we strive to provide our students with the best possible learning environment, and our partnership with Uninist is a testament to that commitment. We are confident that this collaboration will enhance the overall student experience and contribute to their academic success.

Amber Accommodation (Option 2)

IMC Academy is delighted to be working with Amber Accommodation, a trusted and reputable provider in the housing industry. This partnership aims to provide comprehensive support to our esteemed students in their quest for the perfect accommodation. At MC Academy, we understand the importance of a comfortable and conducive living environment for our students. We recognize that finding suitable accommodation can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the area or unfamiliar with the local housing market. That is why we have joined forces with Amber Accommodation, a company renowned for their expertise in matching individuals with their ideal living spaces.

Through this collaboration, MC Academy and Amber Accommodation will work hand in hand to ensure that our students have access to a wide range of housing options that meet their specific needs and preferences. We are committed to assisting our students in finding the perfect fit.

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