On the spot: We chat to Audrey, a student at MCSE about her new life in Manchester - MC Academy
  • Why do you want to improve your English?

I am going to University next year in Geneva, Switzerland, to study International Business and Management. I need to learn English for my course, but also I have always been interested in the English Language as it is universally spoken”


  • Tell me about your accommodation in Manchester.

“The accommodation the school provided me was identical to what they presented me before I came. It wasn’t too far from the city center and the bus stop was very close. The place was clean and cosy.

First, I lived with a host family for a month, they had 3 children. All the members of the family were very nice and friendly, they were living in quite a big house with a nice garden at the back.


I’m actually living in a shared house with 5 other people now. Two of them are from Venezuela, one from Equator, one from French and the last one from the Caribbean Islands. We often have dinner together and share all our stories before watching a movie.”


  • Tell me about your experiences, so far, in Manchester.

“My favourite place in Manchester is the Northern Quarter with all those small shops (second hand shops, handmade shops) and coffee. I like the fact that you discover something new every time you walk around the city centre.

Manchester is nothing like Switzerland. I wasn’t expecting the “student city” aspect which is really different from Switzerland. Here a lot of events are organised for students.

My favourite thing here is the multicultural environment, everywhere you go you’re sure to meet some friendly people and learn about new cultures.”


  • Tell me about your favourite social trip you have been on with MCSE.

I went to Chester with the school! It was a really good day. I enjoyed walking near the canal and talking with students I didn’t meet before. Even though Chester was quite small it was a lovely city, the architecture is very different from the buildings in Manchester. After this trip to Chester, we started doing things together with the other students that were there.”

  • Who is your closest friend in Manchester and where did you meet him/her?

“I have made a very good friend from Kuwait. Her name is Dinah. I’d never heard much about Kuwait before, we had a lot to share with each other about our home country and habits. I love hearing all about her culture too. It is very different to my home life in Switzerland. I hope I have the possibility to visit her one day. We meet approximately 3 or 4 times a week, it can be for a coffee or to travel to a different city for a day.

The picture on the left is me and Dinah in Chester on the school’s trip. The picture on the right is at a Christmas party with MCSE. It was really fun to celebrate the festive season with my new sister in my new city.”




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