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Student Induction

Thank you for choosing to study with MC Academy. In order to complete your enrolment process, please follow our step-by-step induction.

Our induction will provide you with all of the necessary information required for your studies.

Student Induction

Online Courses

If you are attending an online course at MC Academy then you will need to create an account on Zoom to access your class. For instructions on how to do this, please watch the short video below.

If you will use your phone to access Zoom, then please click this link.

If you will use your laptop or computer to access Zoom, then please click this link.

Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Our student handbook provides you with written information relating to the school and your course.

Face-to-Face Course / Please click here to download

Student Welfare

Student Welfare Handbook

Our student welfare handbook provides you with information surrounding any issues that you may have concerning your welfare while studying with MC Academy.

Face-to-Face Course / Please click here to download

Online Course / Please click here to download

Staff Poster

Meet the Staff

Meet our team! If you need to contact a particular member of staff regarding a particular request, please contact them via their email address.

Click here to download

Student Newsletter & Teacher Talk

Student Newsletter & Teacher Talk

If you are looking for some extra reading before you begin your course, then read one of our student newsletters to learn more about the English language.

Click here to visit our student newsletter page

Introducing Teacher Talk – MC Academy’s very own podcast! Improve your listening skills with ease by listening to our teachers discuss several interesting topics.

Click here to have a listen

Current Classes

Current Classes

 Please click here to see our live class timetable. If you wish to change your class at any point during your studies, please send an email to our Director of Studies.

Self Care Diary

Self-Care Diary

Maintaining a healthy state of mental well-being is key to learning. Feel free to use our Self-Care diary to record your thoughts while completing your studies.

Please click here to download

Welcome to Manchester Handbook

Welcome to Manchester Handbook

Manchester is a bustling city filled with many things to see and do! Take a read of our handbook and see what you can discover!

Please click here to download

Health & Safety in School

Health & Safety in School Handbook

 Please read our Health & Safety Handbook carefully before arriving at MC Academy. This handbook outlines the current safety measures in place at the school to ensure that all students are staff members are safe whilst on school premises.

 Please click here to download


If you have any questions regarding this induction procedure then please get in contact regarding your enquiry.

In the meantime, the MC Academy team looks forward to welcoming you to our school!



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