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FAQ’s (Business)

How long can I study this course for?

We offer this course in below hours:

5 hours

How can I study this course?

You can study this course online or in-person.

What levels of English can study this course?

Pre-Intermediate to Advanced

How long can I study for?

You can study as long as you like. We have a 1 week minimum policy.

When does the course start?

Contact us to find out dates.

What is the price for this course?

We currently have discounts on this course!

Our prices change often so please check this information with a member of our teams!

Alternatively, sign up to receive the latest offers!

How to apply?

To Apply, simply complete the Application form and send a copy of your passport to the relevant branch.

Once you have completed the above, we will contact you with further details.

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke courses are also available, providing flexible packages of varying duration. MC Academy offers courses with optional modules to address specific needs. For example, in addition to the basic package of General English and Business English, or Business English only, students may elect specialist modules such as Business Administration, Stock Control, Marketing, or English for Legal Purposes.

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Who is it for?

Study Business English at MC Academy. Our Business English class is a skills class designed to provide students with the practical skills and communication level required to succeed in an English-speaking, international business environment.

This class is designed for students who can actively use the majority of grammatical structures in English and who can demonstrate their accuracy and fluency in the skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Students at this level are also able to identify and produce texts of varying purposes and are aware of, for example, style, register, and genre. Students are likely to be those with a professional interest in business or those who are currently students of business and/or management.

Aims of the class

The Business English class at MC Academy prepares students for working internationally in various business fields b

– Teaching learners how to use English in business environments.

– Studying a variety of business-related topics such as arranging meetings, job descriptions, job interviews, job presentations, emails and memos, report writing, staff motivation, recruitment, letter writing, e-business, and business ethics.

– Developing key language skills and cross-cultural communication skills through business-orientated tasks.

– Stimulating creative thinking and analysis by dealing with real-life work situations.

Class Duration

The class is made available according to demand. The delivery and duration of the class is flexible and can be adapted to the requirements of students. An initial General English course before commencement of the Business English class may be necessary for students who do not have an Intermediate-level of proficiency in English.

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