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Our social activity programme runs on a weekly basis and varies from week to week, so no week is ever the same!

Weekday activities include trips to various locations in Manchester and Liverpool including activities such as bowling and trips to the cinema. In-school activities include tea parties and origami workshops – a perfect blend of relaxation and creativity!

At the weekend, we also offer one-day and weekend trips to places such as Liverpool, Leeds, the Peak District, Chester, and now also Edinburgh, through an external agency. These also include football games at a discounted price!

Weekly activities are free and are available to all current students, however, some external activities may incur an additional cost.

Our social activités are a great way to make new friends and also practice your English.


Sample timetable

FAQ’s (Social Clubs)

Are the social activities free?

Yes most of our social activities are free, any that are taken outside and require payment are charged at the cost given by the institution. So to go bowling, it would only cost the price per student. However, all other activities are free of charge!

What kind of Social activities are provided by the school?

We aim to adapt out social activities to anything the students would like to do. We give the students the opportunities to express any specific likes and dislikes and we aim to adapt out social activities to this. We do activities such as table tennis, bowling, laser tag, book club, drawing club, film club and much more!

Who runs the social clubs?

Our teachers lead the social clubs!

Why should I join social clubs?

Joining social clubs is a way of practice your English outside the classroom. As well as, allowing you to form friendships with other students!

Our social activity programme changes each week and we value student feedback. If you would like to see an activity on our programme that is not currently there. 

Please feel free to email us your suggestions suing the email below.

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